Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Winner~Prima

Hi, I got some great news today! Any of you who know me and my obession with Prima. Well, I was the Big Winner of the free Bling Contest!!! I'm so excited! I had already received the prima frames for entering and now I can't believe I won the BIG prize. I hope I can learn to put photos on this blog so, we can open the box together! Have a great weekend.
Hugz, Z


  1. I know you can do it....can't wait to see the pictures...and CONGRATULATIONS on being a winner...GO ZANDRA GO ZANDRA!!! I'll stop by again later to see if you posted any pics and I will let you know how I did at Parcel & lil cricket...have a honey of a day! grace & peace 2 "U" Love Marlene :O)

  2. Yea Zandra----you are the prima queen of bling----I saw the prize---it is so you!!!!!!! yea!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YEAH Zandra!!!!! I luv ur blog, you r doing such a great job with it looks like ur a pro!!!
    I'll check back later @ see ur winnings!!!