Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back from Boston

“Where Bloggers Create” blog party! How much fun to get a glimpse at everyone’s creative work spaces! Be sure and mark your virtual calendars for this Friday's event! I hope I will be able to do this as I am having internet problems! :o(

Love all the historic buildings in Boston. This post is a little backwards! lol

I wanted this to be the last picture! lol Good Luck, Gabby!

Back from Gab's Boston Univ. Orientation Weekend. I'm having trouble with my internet service so this will be a quick post. Just a few pictures from Boston.

Boston University Orientation

Right across from our hotel was Paper Source! yippee! Don't you just love those big sunflowers!

In the lobby was a sale going on in their boutique. I just love this made out of tissue paper.

I also love the way they made this flower out of the tissue.
Thanks for stopping bye!

Hugz, Z

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  1. Oh Zandra Paper Source is the best. I was there and loved their hand painted papers. A few months after I was there with a friend who lives in Boston I got a gift in the mail from her and is was an oriental scene handpainted paper. I still haven't found a frame for it because it is a little bigger than a poster and I really dont want to cut it. Someday I will go back