Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sad To See Them Go

I finally took down my sea tree today.  I’m sure most of you are happy to see the holidays end.  I keep my tree up as long as possible but yes, it’s another season over. :o(





I took pictures of all my ornaments and will be going to a crop at the end of the month.  I hopefully, will make a mini book of them.  I am always glad when putting them away that they get packed away safely and protected for next year.  My biggest fear is that my tree will fall over and they will ALL break and I wouldn’t have any memory of them.  So, if it ever happens I have at least captured what each tree and ornament look like.  LOL

I’ll have to wait until I get back to take my upside down!

Off to Boston to bring Gabby back to college.  Have a great week and thanks for looking!

Hugz, Z


  1. HI!!!
    I loved that tree!!!!
    It was so unique!!!!
    I will look forward to it next year!!!!

  2. Wow! Great sea collection!
    YOU DID IT! Large pictures and a watermark.
    You go girl!

  3. That is so totally different Z, so out of the box and so CUTE!!
    Checked out all your other stuff, and read your blog, you are doing a great job.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and the SNOW.
    WE got about a foot or so in Milltown, I was supposed to go to the crop at New Brunswick, but Husband had to work, and the weather was not the best for me to try and drag my stuff out and try and make it in to New Brunswick for a day, if it was for the weekend, that would be different, so I had to cancel, plus I could not leave my dear dog in the crate all day, husband was going to be watching her, but he had to plow at work at the last minute,so I scrapped at home instead. I had won the day scrapping at the Heldridge at the Cove, wish I could have gone, but the weather RULES.
    I also love the picture of your little Maltese, she is so cute!! I use to groom a lot of those.
    oh well back to working, maybe I will see you tomorrow instead of a kit, as I stayed home all day today!!