Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving~Traditions

Hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving for those of you who are in the US.  Gabby is in London and homesick as she is in class all day today.  Sad smile So, I decided to make her these rings:



We use to make these instead of an advent calendar and we would wrap them around our stair case.  She loved pulling them off each morning before school and see it shrink until it was Christmas.

So, I’ve made these for her to pull off while she counts down the days to come home.  I wrote something on each ring for her to read each day.  It’s nice to bring back early traditions that make us happy.  Her and the puppy will be flying home the same day.  So, we can’t wait!  So, thankful for family and friends.  Thank you all so much who visit and leave such love.  Enjoy Black Friday and the rest of the week.  Hugz, Z


  1. Zandra, My Gabbie is in school in Portland Oregon, clear across the opposite side of the US from me..Her first holiday away from home. That is a wonderful idea about the chain and keeping tradition alive!!!.Hugs to you on this Thanksgiving Day!!

  2. Z, What a lovely idea. I am sure she will love it and what a wonderful tradition. We had our TG dinner yesterday but Dave had to work all day and I did 1/2 a day then had to head back to teach a class at night after dinner. Got to teach the kiddies about Thanksgiving though. If Gab has any time off she can always come spend a weekend up here in Yorkshire. Have a great night. Best wishes witht he puppy too. Hugs. Angela

  3. Z, You are so cute making that ring chain for Gabby. It won't be long now til she is home.