Friday, September 30, 2011

Tim Holtz & Paula Deen ???

Yes,you  read that right…lol What does Paula Deen have in common with Tim Holtz?  Her recipe card organizer….say what? 


Her organizer is the PERFECT match to Tim’s Idea-0l0gy Unmounted Stamp Binder~$29.99.  I got this at Miachaels 60% off and it was only $2.00…..teehee  Look how awesome it comes out:


It holds 6 in a binder!  Love it!  I thought I would share with you a mini I did for Barrie from Scrapadabadoo for her birthday.  She and Carol have an online store and if you need anything she will search high and low for you.  They are the best online store around and their customer service can’t be beat.  They also HAND make all their thank you cards that they put in your package!  Be sure to check them out.



Just a few of the pages, this paper line is from the UK by Kate Knight I think I wrote it down somewhere and I can’t find it now…lol  Barrie has a lot of birds and this is the second album I made for her because I thought the first one got lost (30 days and she finally got it)  I know Hawaii is far from the east coast but 30 days!  Anyway with all the birds she has she can use both books.  Have an awesome weekend.  Hugz, Z


  1. What a great idea, Zandra! Gotta love the Zebra stripes too! The gift you made for Barrie is very pretty. I'm sure she will appreciate the TWO And you're right...Scrapadabadoo knows how to treat their customers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Like Alice said Great idea! Been looking for binders like that for a while...not common in France

  3. Hi Zandra,

    Sweet of you...3 or 4 would be great if possible. Sent you a friend request on FTPT ning!
    Have a great Sunday