Friday, November 9, 2012

Home after 12 days of Hurricane Sandy

Hi, I just want to say THANKS! to everyone who sent me prayers and good wishes thru the 12 days of Sandy.  I had no electric, no hot water and no internet.  It got so cold in my house (49) that I finally, had to leave my house and go to my sisters’ who had just got power back this Monday.  I wanted to take the puppies who were freezing (and me too) to stay with my sister until the storm passed.    We wound up getting 6 inches of snow!  So, blessed that I only lost the food in my refrigerator and now have bronchitis.   So, many people have lost their homes and loved ones. 

My poor puppies so cold, even with sweaters on:


And here is how I spent some of my nights:


Scrapping my lantern and candlelight…lol

I thought I would share some of the photos I took around my neighborhood:


This is my backyard and the tree on the left had fallen and just missed the house by about 3 feet:



We had so many telephone poles down is one of many reasons it took so long to get our power back.  Here are some photos my hubby took at the shore:


And finally, after all this devastation the Nor Eastern that gave us  6 inches of snow plus more in some areas:

IMG_0424 IMG_0425

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for worrying about me and my family, it really touch my heart!  Now, just please keep sending your prayers to this area that is still suffering so. 

Bigz Hugz,                                                                                                                    Zandra


  1. Z, so happy that you are getting the heat and electricity that you need now. You are certainly a trooper. The pictures are unbelievable - you had it much worse than Tinton Falls.

  2. Zandra what a relief to know that you came through the devastation. My thoughts and prayers are going out. Stay warm and get well soon.

  3. The damage is unreal. We had the uprooted trees and power outages this summer in the heat.......but nothing like this. That is cold. Actually before the storm hit I went and got sweaters for the dog. We live in Ohio far away but we still loose power from these storms. It can be over a week before they restore. I am so sorry for all of you. ((((HUGS))))

  4. How frightening it must have been for everyone - so glad you and your family are ok.Your daughter over here in Australia must have been very worried about you all.Our news media here were showing the devastation and it is so sad that so many were affected. xoxoxo Linda [Craftylyn]

  5. Zandra, so glad you came through ok. Really scary stuff. You and all others continue to be in my prayers! Hugs, Sharona62

  6. Thanks for the post Zandra. Glad you are OK and are now warm. The photos look like Myrtle Beach back during Hugo. That's the only hurricane I remember being so close. We still haven't heard from our friends in Sea Girt. I have emailed. Hope they are OK too.

  7. Zandra, I'm glad you all are ok. I can't imagine being without power for that long. My thoughts and prayers are with all that were affected from the storm. Shari (cricutrookie)

  8. So glad you are ok much be a scarry time for you all!

  9. So pleased to read that you are okay. It must have been a terrible ordeal for every one of you.
    Take care and I do hope that with time things will one day return to normality for everyone who suffered in the terrible storms.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Life can change so quickly and all we can do is breathe and carry on. Memories that you could have done without. Glad you are recovering. We are all in this world together.

  11. Glad you are doing ok. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless

  12. So glad you are safe, makes me thankful that we dont get much of that here. Tak tent and give the puppies a hug from me.

  13. Glad you are finally back home. It has been tough for so many. Things look pretty similar down here with all the destruction. It is so hard to fathum that this has happened but then you go outside and see it. So many places we grew up with are gone or so badly damaged. Have you heard from June? Is she ok?. Take care and stay safe.

  14. Oh Zandra so so happy you are back and have the pups with you. Lots of people lost homes and jobs and power is still gone for many, we had no train service and my hubby lost a week of wages due to flooding. So many people are worst and I am still praying for all to get better. I'm happy your power is back and I'll pray your bronchitis leaves, so you can get your health back. Please take care of yourself and the puppies. That right now that is most important. Hugs always!

  15. Pleased to hear you are all safe Zandra - gosh the devastation Sandy has caused!! Take care of yourself lovie and hope you are feeling well very soon. Polly xx

  16. Oh Miss Zandra, I am so glad that you are safe I was so worried!!! Wow those pics are something else.Hope your weather calms down and you have nice winter, You deserve it after Sandy!
    Big Happy Hugs, Toni

  17. It’s good to know you were safe then, despite the survival mode you had to go through. I wish none of us would ever have to experience this kind of tragedy. But storms and hurricanes, as destructive as they may be, are all part of nature. The very least we could is to prepare ourselves and our homes for the worst misfortune it may bring, and hope that we're able to weather it until the end. Stay safe!

    Sharon Strock @ Storm Chamber®