Tuesday, January 26, 2016


In the previous post I shared how to create a basic chipboard mini album.  Now I will list 10 things to help you complete the inside pages.  You can watch the video here to see how I came up with these.  

Ten basic pages:

1.  MATS:  you have your photo 6 x 4 so your mat could be 6 1/4 x 4 1/4
You could cut that in half and have two mats on your page:  3 x 4 1/4
You could have them side by side or touching/overlapping

2.  POCKETS:  left/right vertical pocket, bottom or corner
You can punch a border on these or add ribbon

3.  WATERFALL:  this also, can be vertical or horizontal

4.  FLIPS;  up/down/sideways and file folders would be great, too

5.  ACCORDIAN:  you can score however long you would like to have it
 and it can flip in 4 different directions.

6.  ENVELOPES;  can be used for pockets, as well as accordian pull outs

7.  TAGS:  great for interactive pages

8.  TIP IN AND OUT:  this is where you add to the page.  Check video for sample.

9.  BELLY BAN:  can be used in center or right/left of page.

10.  EMBELLISHMENTS:  make the pages your own.

Again, please check out the video to see how I show how these can be applied to your own pages.  Now go and crank these out...lol
~♥Hugz, Zandra♥

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  1. thanks Zandra, I will be there working on my album..love your tutorials.