Monday, October 26, 2009

Longwood Gardens in PA

I went to Longwood Gardens in PA with my girlfriends and just wanted to share some of the photos I have put in my Pumpkin Album. I taught this class at Scrapper's Cove by request from my good friend Pat T. She waited over a year for me to create this mini album and just wanted to say THANKS! for being so patience! LOL They had pumpkin carving every Saturday. I just love this pumpkin! Doesn't he make you happy.

I don't know why this turn out sideways? But, just bear with me and tilt your head to the right and it looks perfect! ;o)

Ahww, that's better. This was another pumpkin carved like a daisy. This is my girlfriend, Debbie and I.

Here are some of the pumpkins they have arrange. So, pretty.

I know, I have to finish putting pictures here.

This is me, June and Debbie standing at the huge Cornucopia and another carved pumpkin, the cute car.

Thanks for stopping bye!
Hugz, Z


  1. the pumpkin carving photos...clearly well worth waiting a year for!!

  2. Wow.... well worth the wait, this is really cute, great pics 4 the album!!!

  3. Hi Zandra

    What a great book, and I love the cauldron from your last post! I just became a follower so that I don't miss a thing!


  4. This is lucious....I love everything from the photos to the design.

  5. Great pictures....great album.....looking for pins...I"ll call when I find them.

  6. Wonderful work. I love every detail.

  7. This is a fantastic pumpkin mini-album!!!