Monday, November 16, 2009

It's NEVER to late for Birthday Presents!

Just want to give a "Big" THANK YOU to Jodie from Everything Vintage! Love my birthday package! My birthday was last month and Jodie is such a sweetie to send me all these awesome goodies! Be sure to visit her blog Everything Vintage as she just got back from Silver Bella and is having a Bella week to show off all the projects they did. Love the cute little snowman on her blog. Have a great week!

Hugz, Z


  1. I feel like Jodie is me when I get the gifts for my twins......she sent the exact same gift to me---and since the star cookie cutter is vintage--that was hard to do!!!! Jodie u r the best!!!!!

  2. What a lovely gift. I know how nice it is to receive something through the post as I was lucky to get the lovely Ranger goodies from you recently. I have certainly been putting the stickles to good use with my Christmas projects. x

  3. WOW Z JODIE is AWESOME!!!! How nice of her & what a great gift, You'll put them 2 good use!!!

  4. Ah Glad you received the surprise Zandra!!!
    I sent you and Geralyn the same things with a slight variation for one reason....I didn't want you two fighting over anything! haha
    Seriously girl...I can't thank YOU enough for always spoiling me with the most awesome surprises...this just doesn't even compare to what you do for me. But I do want you to know that I am always thinking of you!!!!
    everything vintage