Sunday, February 14, 2010

A May Day Tussie Mussie Swap


Linda from A Swap For All Seasons is hosting a swap. Sign ups are from now until Sunday the 28th. Be sure to check it out. I’m so ready for spring with another snow storm coming this week! lol

heartwarming vintage images 001

Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love and CHOCOLATE, of course! ;o)

My hubby gave me a big heart shaped box of chocolates! First time, in the 20+ years we’ve been married! LOL Hugz, Z


  1. Zandra! I'm so glad you mentioned this swap! I joined in and am looking forward to it.
    ALSO! I feel so DUMB! I am sitting here gazing at my fat book again - and when I got to your page - I was admiring the "K" and it hit me! I just now noticed that that is a STICK PIN down in the corner- all dolled up! OMG! I love that!
    So- I apologize for not noticing it before. I love your page!
    I haven't heard from any of the other ladies but you, well except Sarah and Jodie. I thought I would've heard a little something . . . I wrote everyone right away. BOY! Can you tell it was my first swap? LOL! I got all excited!
    Anyhow - thanks again! Happy Valentines Day!
    ps I got chocolate too! One entire pound of the one and only piece of Sees candy I like! I dread getting on the scale in about a week. UGH!

  2. Hello Zandra,
    Thank you for you're comment. I see you make very beautiful scrap projects. Love it!
    Greetings from Ester

  3. Hope you had a fab Valentines Day Zandra - just think what you can do with the box after eating the choccies XXX