Friday, February 26, 2010

More Snow on the East Coast

We are getting snow through the weekend.  I am having internet connections problems and they say I have a short on the outside line and they won’t be able to come until Tuesday the 2nd!  Hope it holds out while I’m posting.  lol

With so much snow I thought I would share another clear mini album I did 2 years ago while I was on a cruise.  Ahh, to be back in Bermuda……

Here I took the packaging from Heidi Swap’s ghost.  I love to recycle items.  The clay mermaid bear I purchased from ebay and added some seashells I collected off the beach.



Here on the back of the packaging I added the quilling fish and bubbles.  Inked the edges in blue and stamped the waves. 




See how the flowers from the back page add to the front pages.  Love that!



Now the left page has only the flowers, the circles are on the backside so, when you use double sided paper you can see it through the acrylic!  My friend June and her daughter.


Here you can see the flowers from the previous pages which add to this page.  I took the packaging from my Bo bunny brads (can’t let that cute heart go to waste!)  ;o)  I filled it with the pink sand and added the small sand dollar and seahorse.  Have a great weekend!  Hugz, Z


  1. Z, This is beautiful, I do not think I ever saw it. That was a fun time. I wish I got to enjoy it a bit more. Ange

  2. Wow Zandra - you make such stunning mini albums - love what you did with the bo bunny packaging xx

  3. Hi Z!
    These clear albums are so cool. I've never made one but they look like so much fun!!! But of course, you make everything look soooo easy to make! It's gorgeous!

  4. You've really got the acrylic albums down girl! Just stunning! xOxO

  5. Hi Z!!!!
    Now that is one lovely scrapbook, how cool it is clear!!!!
    Great pictures of a very fun time!!!!
    Do you have that machine cricut, I think that makes large letters???? We are in need of my Granddaughter's name in Bright Pink(I think) for a banner for her birthday, I would like to buy her name in letters, about 4-5 inches high???
    Just wondering!!!!
    have a great weekend

  6. WOW girl,
    You are such an amazing artist!! These acrylic books are fantastic and your little altered bust is beautiful! I need to visit more are full of inspiration!
    Happy Weekend, xOxO Nerina

  7. Z! Does your brain ever stop? This once again is a work of art. I love the packaging that you recycled!! How great is that? (Has Sarah seen that little Mermaid bear? If you come home one night and that book is gone, I wouldn't go to her house looking for it . . . )
    :) HUGZ!