Saturday, April 10, 2010

ART OPERA~Lisa Kettell

art opera2

I was at the Art Opera in Red Bank, NJ today.  Look at all the fabulous women that were there:

IMG_0135Lisa Kettell from Faerie Enchantment and hosted this great event.


This is Joan, Lisa’s sweet Mom and artist.  I just love her altered books and jewelry.


This Kecia from Lemoncholys.  She makes the most beautiful jewelry with dolls from Germany.  (more later)

IMG_0158Lisa, me and Patti who you might know from Ranger.

IMG_0133This is my friend Marelene aka Queen Bee.   She loves bees and I gave her this:

IMG_0127It’s a cute little bear pin/necklace for her to wear.

IMG_0136This is me, Peggy, she also teaches at Scrappers Cove, Lisa.  Ok, on to the good stuff!  This is Lisa’s new scrapbook paper.  Isn’t it great!

IMG_0137Of course, you know I had to use my new feature on my camera.  ;o)

IMG_0143 IMG_0141

IMG_0140Just love that feature on my canon.  lol

IMG_0138Here is a layout Lisa did using her papers.

IMG_0164Here are some of Lisa’s items.

IMG_0178 These are some of Joan’s fabulous art:

IMG_0162 IMG_0161Kecia’s artwork:


IMG_0182This is one the dolls Kecia gets from Germany.  There use to be an Old doll company in Germany that made these dolls and in World War II it got bombed.  Kecia knows the two men who go there and excavate the area to find these dolls.  They just find them in the ground, isn’t that amazing?  

IMG_0150 IMG_0151

Other vendors:


Of course, you can recognized Kathe’s shop, Summerhouse.IMG_0147IMG_0155  IMG_0165IMG_0171IMG_0174    IMG_0173IMG_0145Just had to show these Alice in Wonderland pieces at Lisa’s table.

So, I hope I showed you a little bit of everyone work.  Lisa is planning on having the 2nd Art Opera next year so mark your calendar’s. 

Oh, I know Geralyn would kill me if I didn’t tell you this:

IMG_0146This is Lisa’s Spring 2009 Zine and…..can you see who I am pointing at?  LOL  Yes, that is Geralyn and me with the white hat!  Geralyn hosted a Tea party last year and that is where I was lucky enough to first meet Lisa, Kecia and Marlene.    You can read more about the Tea Party here.    Hugz, Z


  1. Hi Zandra:

    Great seeing you there. Love all your pictures!

  2. Just incredible! The only thing missing, me!!!! Maybe someday, that would be so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures! I can't wait to try those scrapbooking papers! All her things look sooo cute!!
    hugs, xoxo deb

  3. Thanks so much for taking great pictures, so I can live vicariously through you. Looks like a great event........Marlene.....I always knew she was true blue!!!!!! I am so glad there will be another Art Opera next year.......I better be there!!!!!!!

  4. I too have enjoyed visiting artopera vicariously. Thanks for posting the photos.

  5. what a great post - i was there and i feel like you captured the esscence of the enviroment. thanks for sharing!


  6. Z, Wow, Looks like you guys had a grat time. So much lovely stuff to look at! Beautiful! Angela

  7. thanks did an awesome job on taking the pics...I am so glad you came...and my pin is ADORABLE...I LOVE IT...thank you sooo much...and I have to say your bloz is great I am sooo glad you started one...have a honey of a day ~ sweet dreams my friend...can't wait to see you & geralyn again...Marlene ~ Mizz Bee

  8. Zandra for my email list you just put down your blog address, do you want to email me with your email address? (


  9. I just loved seeing this. I met Lisa at Silver Bella and just loved her. She just immediately gave me a big hug. What a nice person. I wanted to go to Art Opera but I am from St. Paul and it was just too far.

    Thanks, did a great job!!!

  10. Well, got a bit confused here...I meant "Zandra"...I apologize!