Friday, April 2, 2010

Grounds for Sculpture, Trenton, NJ

Well, the sun finally came out here on the east coast. So, my girlfriends and I decided to visit the Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, NJ. It was so beautiful out today and I wanted to play with my new camera.

Here is the entrance, imagine what if would be like in bloom:


IMG_0010 IMG_0009


This is June on the left, Debbie and me.



Definitely, have to come when this is in bloom!


IMG_0023 IMG_0031

This is called “Part of Nature”. 

Here are some of the sculptures here on the grounds.

This is “On Poppied Hill”



“Sailing the Seine”


When you take a close up picture it looks just like a painting.

IMG_0035 IMG_0028So pretty here. We just loved going here.

IMG_0038 IMG_0045

IMG_0047 IMG_0046


Looks like a painting, but it’s the sculpture. Isn’t the dog cute!

IMG_0051 All the items are glued to the table! lol

IMG_0056Here is the painting and here below is the sculpture of the painting.

IMG_0052IMG_0068This is where we had lunch.

This is “The Hunting Party” (looking for men). ;o)

IMG_0072IMG_0077IMG_0063IMG_0065Now I wish I could find my pamphlet I could tell you more about these sculptures, but I can’t seem to find it at this moment?  I thing this is called “The Beauty of Time and Space”

IMG_0085 Now this is a famous painting “If It Were Time” and this other sculpture is of the painter painting this scene:

IMG_0094 IMG_0086IMG_0057

Well, I hope you enjoyed walking with me threw these grounds. It sure was hot! But we enjoyed ourselves immensely! Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Easter! Enjoy your holiday! Hugz, Z


  1. WOW! Those sculptures are AMAZING! tfs Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Z, this is amazing! I had seen a little bit of it before on Geralyn's blog but having see it in the Spring with all of the wisteria and greenery is just beautiful!!!! Your camera (& you) take(s) VERY beautiful photos!!!!
    What a beautiful place...when I go see you, you'll have to take me there!!!!
    Happy Easter Sweets!!!!!

  3. What a beautiful place, and what gorgeous photos you took! wow! And if you'd like to e-mail some pics of Yuki,I'd love to do a page or card of her!
    no pressure though!
    I wish you a wonderful Easter! xOxO deb

  4. What an awesome place to take pictures..And very cool to!! I had never heard of this place before...Living on Long Island, I lived so close!! TFS the photo's...Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

  5. Z, Wow looks amazing. Wish I could have been there to go. Maybe we can go when I am back in the summer. Hope your Easter was nice. Ange

  6. Hi Z!!!!
    Oh that is soooo wonderful, I can just see it blooming, what a great place to visit!!!!SO lovely!!! Love all those sculptures!!!!!
    If I ever get to New jersey, I will have to visit!!!!
    So fun and glad you went with friends!!!

  7. Zandra this is a great post! I have never seen anything like it. You need to find the brochure. How long has been there? WHY did someone do this? Makes you feel like you were just "there" huh?'Very COOL!
    HAGD! Karen