Friday, October 7, 2011

Martha Stewart and Anna Griffin

I went to the Martha Stewart Show this week as it was craft week all week.  I made Martha a dog bone album with Anna Griffin’s Fifi and Fido collection:


This is her two french bull dogs I made from mulberry paper.



This was what we got in our goody bags, her new paints, stencils, holiday crafts book, new bottle tops, cutie pie recipe book.  Have a great weekend.  And it was nice to hear from Martha’s secretary that she got my scrapbook and thank me for thinking of her and how she will enjoy her scrapbook!  Pretty awesome.  Hugz, Z


  1. Zandra- What a wonderful experience!! I am sure Martha loved you scrapbook, it's beautiful!! Great goodies too!!

  2. What a darling album! I'm sure your puppy will love looking thru it....mine

    What a wonderful experience. I'd love to see Martha. See you on the paper trail or on the beach.

  3. Beautiful and a yummie bone album Zandra!

  4. Love this album! And how awesome to make it for Martha Stewart! I was wondering where did you get that dog bone shaped album?

  5. do u see the green color I've turned ? yes it's because I'm green with envie haha I love Martha and inso wantto be a guest in the crowd! I'm so loving the scrapbook wish u could come to Louisiana and scrap with me! hugs