Sunday, September 27, 2009

Winner~Sue Abbott

Congratulations, Sue! You are the winner! Here are the goodies that I am sending you. Tim Holtz's new rock candy stickle, diamond stickles (my absolute favorite), frosted lace, ruby, icicle, Liquid Pearls, crackle distress paint and pop dots. You were right on the money! I have room for stickles on top and took the other shelf and have use that, too. ;o)

Love the way this came out~! Please send me your address. You can email me here:

Just want to say thanks for each and everyone of you who stop by and visit me out of your busy schedule!

Hugz, Z


  1. That was a good idea to send Gabby the quotes.....sorry Sunday went by again without a phone call---didn't get schedule until Friday and today is the 6th straight day of tomorrow---yea!!! Good job on the challenge!

  2. Nice give-away Zandra...sweet of you to host this and lucky you living so close to beans! Congrats on your 21-day challenge...I'm still working on finishing my journal pages but have accomplished the challenge because I wanted to create everyday and that I have done. I know how you feel about your "baby" going off to college. When our youngest went off to college it was so hard on us because he was our "baby" and I just missed hugging him every day...still do...and you have to find a new place to wrap your arms around...try your Dh or "yourself"...which is something we moms all do too little of. And time sure does pass "baby" graduated from college in May, got married in June and has not moved to PA for his new job...just amazing really. To see him so happy in life is hang in there and hope you keep in touch, fondly, Roberta

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Really? Me? I'm Thrilled to bits!!!!!!!! Thanks so much, I have heard so much about the new stickles and am so excited that such a fantastic lot of 'goodies' will soon be arriving at my door. It will be like Christmas!!!!! Will be blogging about my excitement when I get a minute!!!! OOOOOOOOH THANKYOU ZANDRA!!!
    Sue xxx (slightly elated) xxx
    OH and sorry, the excitement made me forget my manners, lovely job of altering the box, x