Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back! from Creative Escape

Here I am at Geralyn's favorite place. Melrose Vintage

We always take our picture at the counter it has so much sparkle you can't appreciate everything pictured.

Here is one of the Halloween banners.

This is Debbie at the Frenzy Stamper.

This was the fountain in front of the store. There are four horses around this fountain. So, hot 114 degrees that day!

This is a store that is all about ribbons! First time I have ever been there.

Sunset at the hotel.

This is at the on site store in the hotel. This is a representative from Fancy Pants Design.

Getting ready to have my book signed by the teachers.
Debbie and I waiting to get Tim's autograph. Of course, he had the longest line. lol
Tim and I.

Heidi and I. She loved her pocketbook album!

She had someone take a picture on her phone and she posted it on facebook! How cool!

Mr. Bazzill

Mario and I. I gave him this t-shirt for his belated birthday. My husband makes t-shirts so I gave this one to Mario and gave one to Tim. His had Mojito Coast because he loves his Mojito's.

Debbie and I after taking Tim's class. If you go on his blog he has better pics and also, the work of the other teachers.

Here is one of the goodies we got. Oh, sooo yummy!

Debbie and I at the dinner. We had to run because our plane left at 10:30 that nite, so we were unable to see the speaker and see the live auctions for the lamps that were donated. They raised over $45,ooo dollars for the fun raiser. So, awesome!
Love these girls with the zebra hats! lol There were so many great zebra things! Loved it.
And of course, our usual tradition of desert first! Sorry, Geralyn! A snickers on the outside with a creamy, creamy, dreamy peanut butter texture on the inside. Oh, gotta snap out of it! lol So, yummy. The little purse was our chance to win a free entry for Creative Escape 2010! Yes, there will be another next year. If you were lucky enough to have extra cash. You could have paid that night and automaticly been excepted for next year and not have to do the lottery.

Until next year!

And this is for YOU, my girlfriend! Jodie, are you there do I have to pick you up from the floor. Look for this in the mail as he signed it especially, for you.!

Thanks, for stopping bye!
Hugz, Z


  1. Oh oh...oh m...oh MY...Zan
    (ca thump on the floor)
    Zandra,OH MY...is...is this...is this like...
    FOR REAL? Are you...are you serious?
    HE KNOWS MY NAME? He knows...he knows I exist?
    He actually SAID my name?
    Is...is he pointing TO my name?
    (thump on the floor...again)
    I...I don't think I've ever been LOVED so much for someone to do this just for me!
    (wiping tears of joy)
    This...this is SO much better than you touching him for me!
    How can I ever thank you? I...I don't know...I don't know how I'll EVER be able to thank you enough!
    Lawd, I'm feelin' faint again!
    I'm going to be stalking that little mailman...how do I thank you enough Zandra???
    **Thank you Geralyn for introducing me to this wonderful girl!!!!**
    (for all those who are reading this and thinking I'm psycho...I am when it comes to Tim!)
    Thank you Tim for making this girl's day...I mean year...I mean LIFETIME!
    I can never thank you enough Zandra!!!! Whatever you want girl...you just NAME IT! ;)
    I love you so!
    Happy Jodie!

  2. 222222222funny!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed my escape the 10 minutes I took to live all those great moments CE has to offer through pictures!!!!! I wish I was there, but really enjoyed the pictures!!!!! But, crap last year I didn't even get a picture of Tim and me I was too busy taking Zandra's picture with Tim......and now this I am dissed for Jodie----well I am happy for your thrill Jodie but, I am feeling a little left out. LOL!!!!!! That desert looked fantastic!!!!! I saw 2 zebra bags today and thought of you!

  3. Had to come visit after Jodie talked all about you in her post...Looks like such a fun event. I have got to get back to scrapbooking. I love it, but am so far behind that now it feels like a daunting task.

  4. You go girl...you definitely had an awesome time...I am sooo happy for you..you can see it in your face that you were having a ball...Zandra its times like this that we keep in our memory box in our brains so that when we are sitting on our rockers when we're old & grey and smiling thinking of them - some young whipper snapper will say "What the heck is that old lady smiling about & the other kid ahhh she just has gas"..hahahaha - really glad you had a great time...have a honey of a day - may sweet things come your way! grace peace & joy 2 "U" Marlene

  5. My route to finding you was via Jodie. It was slightly circuitous but worth the trip! I'll be back from now on to see what you've been up to.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. What a GORGEOUS< YUMMY< CLASSY layout you have made for the challenge. So much detail, it's amazing. Love your blog too, it must have been fantastic at creative escape, lucky you. Looking forward to following your blog.
    Sue x