Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My New PowerShot SX200IS

Hi, just wanted to show you what I have been up to this weekend.  I purchased a new camera, a Cannon and it has this great feature that lets you shoot in black/white with an accent color.   I sewed these shirts for Gabby and look what I did:




Here is a close up of the beads I hand sewn all over the shirt.  It took me 3 hours to do.  lol  What we do for our kids! ;o)

This is the original color of the shirt and here is what I did with my camera:

IMG_0059 IMG_0058
IMG_0060 IMG_0061

Isn’t that so cool!  You don’t have to use photo shop you just do it from your camera!  Love that!

Here is another shirt I did.


You can’t really notice but it has small dots of glitter all over it.

Here is the classes I taught this weekend:

Lucky You:


IMG_0067 IMG_0065

And my Easter class:


Isn’t this chick soooo cute!  I used Doodlebug glitter papers for the eggs.  Have a great week!  Hugz, Z


  1. WOW!!! You have been very busy, everything looks great! Enjoy your camera.

  2. HI!!!
    I have the Canon Camera, and I do not think mine can do that!!!!
    It is an SRL, I think that is it!!!
    I love that look that sure makes changes alot easier!!!!
    Love those scrap book pages, so great, love that chick!!!!
    have a great week

  3. HI!!!
    Oh those are scary words, get the manual out and read it!!!!haha
    I did read enough to get by, but I should do that!!!!
    I learn better by someone showing me!!!!
    But I will give it a try!!!
    Thanks for sharing that info!!!!

  4. What a neat feature your camera has! Can't wait to see what you do with some photos for your scrapbooks. Love all your Easter tear art too.
    Debbie M

  5. Luv that camera, Is it hard 2 use, I might hav 2 get one if its easy 2 use.
    Luv ur class los & ur critters!!! Hugs

  6. Have fun with your new camera. Love your pages and the cards too. Thanks again for Missy's box of goodies.