Thursday, March 25, 2010

Summerhouse in Pt. Pleasant, NJ


Hi, Geralyn and I went to our favorite place in the next town over.  I wish I could take pictures of the windows with out the glare from the other side of the street?  Is there a trick to doing that?  lol  You can’t appreciate how cute her window is with the dress form and all the parasols. 


Look at these paint by number acrylic paintings, just love the birds.

As you walk in the store you see this:


Isn’t that wreath beautiful?  All made out of dictionary pages.

IMG_0083 IMG_0085

Love all these glass jars.  So, much to look at, I couldn’t take pictures of everything.

IMG_0081 IMG_0088


IMG_0076 IMG_0080
IMG_0079 IMG_0074

This jewelry is made by the owner’s daughter, here is a better look:


Summerhouse will be vending at the Art Opera in Red Bank, NJ on Saturday, April 10, 2010 if you are in the area I believe it is a small fee to enter but everyone is welcomed.  Here is some of the other items she will have there.  It is being hosted by Lisa Kettle, be sure to check her out for more info.




Aren’t these the cutest and the price!  if you are going to the Art Opera be sure to look for me!  ‘o)

Here is are some other shops we visited.



Love this painted ad on the side of the building.


IMG_0091 IMG_0092

Look at these trolls.  lol  It is so cloudy and dreary here that they just have to make you smile.  :o)  Thanks for stopping by!  Hugz, Z


  1. Your pictures are make me want to go back right away!!!

  2. Damn, your pics look awesome, and I think I just drooled on myself...that is my kind of store- have fun and go shopping for me! lol xOxO

  3. Zandra ~ I too think your pictures are great...but I must say I do love going there is person...I love all of Kathe's goodies...never leave the store without some...have a honey of a day ~ see ya soon, Marlene

  4. Zandra, thanks for showing us the pics, this is my kinda store, I wanted 2 go shopping today & never got a chance, who new that I would go shopping with YOU!!!It's almost SPOOKY!!!!

  5. Z, Great pics. Looks like lots of great suff. Wish I was backin NJ. Have a great weekend. Angela