Sunday, May 16, 2010

Copic~Art Canvas

I was lucky enough this weekend to get treated to a class by my best friend Ellen.  I told her I was not getting involved in copic markers, and she wanted me to experience the technique.  We used airbrushing techniques, Memory capsule, faux metal, grunge and many more techniques.

IMG_0469 Here are a few more close-ups:

IMG_0469 IMG_0469 Thanks Ellen for a great class and Rose who was the instructor.  Have a great week! Hugz, Z


  1. Oh wow,this is so beautiful!!!Love al the details a real piece of ART!!Very nice,could i say more...i Love it!!!:)

  2. Z, Wow! Looks like alot of fun. I love all the techniques you did. I like the copics but also do not want to get into the expense. Love what you did. Ange

    ps, Belle saw your comment and says she will email you the template.

  3. looks great zandra. i love my copics here.

  4. Zandra,

    It looks like you SHOULD start copics...these are beautiful! June

  5. ooooh! It's always fun (and scary) to try something new and different! I haven't tried copics!!!!! Looking at your creations, maybe I should!!!! xOxO

  6. Hi Zandra i know about google it SU...,but i understand you like the candy ...hihihi sory for the translate from google.
    bye bye,Lean.

  7. Hope you'll play in show what you create blog party ! It's not too late !

  8. i need to take a class on grunge. I don't quite get it. You are so good at everything you try your hand at. Is there nothing you can't do? :)
    Have wonderful Memorial Day!

  9. I love that you found your canvas tag art "post-worthy!" So glad to see how your finished project looks! ~ Rose