Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage Seaside Swap

I was invited to join this Vintage Seaside Swap by Sarah from the Gypsy Mermaid.  My wonderful partner is Stevie from My Art Canvas.  You had to make a shadow box and Stevie and I also, decided to swap 4 tags.  Stevie loves pastels, but I kind of went with a more hot pink look.  This was my first shadow box and she really liked how it turn out. 

IMG_0424I used a cigar box and left over material from the shirts I made Gabby.  You can’t really see the glitter in the material.  Stevie loves glitter!

IMG_0428 In the lower corner I added this shell flower that I made into a pin/necklace.

These are the quilled fish I added.

IMG_0429 Here is the back.

IMG_0431 Now the back of this tag was blue???  Now when I went to print out this and the things I used on her tags it turn out pink?  Stevie loves pink….I think sent a fairy to change the color?  lol  It’s strange after I printed what I need to do for her it print blue again?  Here are the tags I made for her:

IMG_0433IMG_0434The tag on the left was blue and green and the tag on the right she had brown hair and blue and green tail?  Stevie, you must have sent a pixie to change my printer!   I sent along the other things that printed out pink for her.

Here is my upcoming class for June and you can see what this mermaid looked like before it was bewitched… lol

IMG_0437 Can you believe this is what I put into the scanner and it turned out pink?  How funny is that.

Stevie is sending her box and when it comes I will share it with you.  Have a great weekend!  Hugz, Z 


  1. Happy Thursday Zandra,
    Your shadow box turned out really dreamy! Love the color and the mermaid is gorgeous! Love the water from the 'sea'quins...great!
    Your tags are awesome, even if a fairie was your assistant!
    Enjoy your day xOxO Nerina

  2. oooooooooooooo! I love these Zandra!!!! You do such beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, in August it was freezing cold on that beach in Maine! lol I was in a jacket, but my kids were in the water, they didn't care! It's so pretty there! have a magical week! xOxO

  3. hihi thats a great scanner.Love what you made and the shadow box is so wonderful.

  4. Oh wow,amazing!!!Love all the details!!
    Very beautiful.
    Have a nice day,Jolanda

  5. Zandra I just love everything! Your work is gorgeous! I am going to fix the shadowbox lace. Thanks for the picture! I am going to show the shadowbox I made on my blog...I'll leave everything else a surprise :0)! Thank you for such a fabulous swap! xoxoxo

  6. WOW!!!!! that cigar box and sandollars were transformed into mermaid it!!!!! See you soon!!!! What are you up to Sunday????

  7. Beautiful!! And I love that little quilled fishy!!! Soooo cute!!!!!

  8. Wow Z,
    You are a swapping machine now girl!
    Don't you just love it????
    Everything came out very pretty!!!
    oh...and are you sure you are not addicted to copic markers yet? I hear they are GREAT!