Saturday, May 26, 2012

Australia~Brisbane Part 2 and Jazrt


This is where the Mall starts and they have street performers, from singers, dancers, chalk artist and a very talent Jared Lyell who paints his art with spray cans.  It is amazing:


He first tapes his canvas on a piece of board and he uses nothing other than newspaper, pan, white cardstock and his fingers. 


Here he is holding the cardstock as a shield and spraying.


Here he just torn a piece of cardstock.


Love how he creates the water…cool, huh?  Some girl bought this for $100.00.  Here is some of his other work.  I love the fish and some of the ladies he does.


The jellyfish was $500.00, he had them from $50 to $1000’s.


And this is the one I bought.  Hard to see the butterfly wings.  His business cards were cool, too.  Each one had one of his designs on the back.  I got one with a motorcycle and town.  Now I will show you their flea markets which consist half of produce and hand made items.  There weren’t any antiques?


This flea market was at a racetrack the food was yummy!


Love the brick oven pizza and these are Gabby’s mini pancakes.


They paint all their electrical boxes. A few more pictures of the city than off to New Zealand.


So, that finishes Brisbane and tomorrow I will take you to New Zealand my last 5 days.  Hugz, Z


  1. HI!!!
    OH awesome!!!We are hoping one day to see hubby really wants to see Cousin just moved there for work for 2 here's hoping!!!!Great pics....I loved the street artist!!!!Isn't traveling fun???I just got home from 12 days in Paris and teaches me so experience other ways of life!!!
    I will be back!!!
    have fun

  2. What a beautiful city! The street artist is fabulous - what talent. Gabby's pancakes look so good - wish I had them right now.

  3. Wow that street artist is just amazing!!! Australia is one place I would love to visit - need to get over my fear of flying first - looking forward to New Zealand. Polly xx