Thursday, May 24, 2012

Australia~Koala’s and Brisbane Part 1!


Should I make you suffer and go threw the long boat ride to get to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary….


Oh, I forgot to tell you about the fruit bats when we were in Port Douglas.  They are the size of a small DOG!  and they were everywhere outside our place.  Thanks goodness they are harmless.  (If you believe that…..) So, they tell me????



SOOOOO, cute!  Warning:  can’t take enough photos of Koala’s


Ok, can you guess from the last four photos which are males and which are females?  I’ll give you the answer soon.  Also, can you notice that some Koala’s have a dark grey and the others are light?  The dark ones I believe come from the north and the lighter ones from the south, I think…



‘Ok, the answer to which is which?  See the dark spot on the chest of the last Koala, that is a male.  The girls have a pure white chest.  The dark is an oil stain scented to attract the female and it is a little smelly, as Wisely was the boy that I held and the other picture with me is a girl and her name was Fuchsia.


Gotcha….checking to see who is who….lol  Ok, moving on…I took so many pictures of the Koala’s that I missed trying to feed the Kangaroo’s….lol


This was the Botanical Garden and check out those fig trees.  The roots come off the branches.


That night we ate at Ahmet’s  with a belly dancer, very cool.


Well, this a long post and I still have to show you the flea market and a super talented artist.  So, I will save that for tomorrow.  Hugz, Z


  1. Why didn't you bring one of those koalas home? They are sooooo cute. The fruit bats on the other hand are not.