Thursday, May 24, 2012

Australia~Cairns~Port Douglas

Ok, our next stop was Cairns and Port Douglas, here Jimmy and Gabby swam the Great Barrier Reef and zip line the Rainforest:


First, I want to show you my new PINK camera I used threw out my trip, that my hubby got me.


This is where we stayed, very nice but those flying bugs was NOT my cup of tea….lol


Yum, this was my favorite meal there…lol  Of course it is my favorite anytime.


You can see it reminds me a lot of Hawaii.


Anyone for a toad purse?  Only $179.00 aus…lol


Yes, I had a Kangaroo Burger, really moist and delicious.  And a can of coke was $4.50….


Gabby swimming the Great Barrier Reef:


Of course, the camera broke 10 mins into the water…lol  So, I was lucky that these survived.  (Your probably saying to yourself right now, thank goodness how many pictures of the bottom do we need to see…tee hee.    They did get to see a stingray and sea turtle.   They say that it will not  be long before it is all gone.  Next day it was the zip line.


Taking the ferry over to the rainforest .


I hope I can get the video to work.


Next we went to the Butterfly Museum.  Can you believe this mask is made from all BUGS!

IMG_5072 IMG_5063

Ok, this is for you guys, can you see that bug Jimmy is holding!!!!!


Wasn’t I brave to hold it, too…….not!


Love zebra stripes, but not like this…lol  And a closer look at the mask.



We say good  bye to Port Douglas and tomorrow I will bring you Brisbane and what you have been waiting for Koalas!  Yes, I got to hold one.   They are so cute and cuddly! And a special street Artist, he’s amazing!   Hugz, Z


  1. OMG Zandra, Thank you for these pics it's the next best thing to being there. You took some really amazing one's, I would not be able to hold any bugs (I'm too wimpy). Oh the food looked yummy. WOW the under the sea pics are great and Gaby swimming so cool. The butterfly museum was so interesting and that bug mask, how creative the artist that did it. I love the scenic views and pictures you took. Did that lovely yummy looking pink camera broke? so sad it looked wonderful. So glad you had fun! Hugs.

  2. Was that a real toad purse? I don't think I could take all those ugly bugs but it sure is a beautiful place. The food looks good.